COVID-19 New Health & Safety Guidelines

The health and safety of our kids and staff are our first priority.  So, per the CDC's mandatory guidelines, we have put the following into place.  These are mandatory and must be adhered to for all staff and attendees.  If these are not followed we will have to ask that your child be picked up immediately.  Thank you for following these new rules. 









CHECK IN & PRE-SCREENING:                                                                        

  • Adults and/or caregivers will not be allowed to enter the studio at pick up or drop off.    
  • No cash payments will be taken.  All payments need to be completed through our website.   
  • A pre-screening questionaire must be completed daily prior to dropping your child off.                 


  • Health questionnaires need to be filled out by parent or guardian daily before entering the studio.  These will be sent out via an email after you register your child for a session. 
  • If a child exhibits any COVID symptoms during the day, we will isolate that child and contact the parent/caregiver/guardian to come and pick him/her up immediately.  
  • If any child has any COVID symptoms he/she will not be allowed to attend the session that day.  


  • Prior to entering the studio children must apply sanitizer at the entry.  This will be supplied by HipStitch.
  • Our team will disinfect & clean surfaces, tools, and other high trafficked areas throughout the day.  
  • Each child will have his/her own machine, tools. No sharing of tools will be allowed. We will have hand sanitizer throughout the studio and will have frequent hand washing prior and after snacks and lunch. 

    We believe that, above all else, sewing and crafts should be fun for both the students and the teachers. We've created a beautiful and fun environment where students of all ages can feel comfortable expressing creativity, meeting new friends, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.