Private School Camps

What better way to spend the day off than learning a new skill while creating fun projects? Area private schools have unique days off, so join us at Hipstitch and make the most of your day!  Check out the list below to see what camp days you have coming up. 
The following camps run 9am - 1pm.  $65, all materials provided. Click here to register.
  • January 3: Chestnut Hill School, Rivers School
  • January 13: Brimmer and May
  • January 30: Rivers School
  • February 17: Park School
  • February 27: Carroll School
  • March 19th : Jackson School
  • March 13-17, 20-24: Spring Break! Park, Rivers, Brimmer and May, Chestnut Hill, Rashi
  • April 7, 10-14: Rashi Jackson
  • May 5th May 26th Jackson
  • May 30: Rashi
  • May 31: Rashi
Just find the days that work for your school calendar!

If your school has a day off that you don't see listed here, we'd be happy to host a private camp day for you and some friends! Email us to inquire about specific dates.