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Fashion Design (Ages 11-15) - NEWTON

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This 6-week *Advanced Level* course will provide students with a peek into the world of a professional Fashion Designer! 

Starting ages 11 and up, Fashion Design is a course created by a Parsons School of Design Alumna, and is a perfect fit for students who:

  • Have a lot of experience sewing basic clothing and/or took our Fashion Sewing course in the past
  • Have a creative flair and a deep interest in the intricacies of fashion design
  • Possibly wants to attend Fashion School in the future
  • Wants to learn how to pull inspiration, illustrate fashion croquis, and sew using a pattern
  • Are excited by a course that is half-theory, half-practice, and wholly fun!

    Week-by-week outline

    Week 1: Introduce one another, watch two fashion shows with different styles, discuss what inspiration is and where it can be sourced, and begin working on mood boards.

    Week 2: Finish mood boards, making color swatch cards, naming collections, making a customer profile, and learning how to pull inspiration from mood boards and colors.

    Week 3: Group sketching and learning the basics of designing with a fashion croquis, making quick sketches inspired by mood boards, and working on more finalized versions of the designs. 

    Week 4: Designing and choosing versions of the garments that can be sewn, measuring, starting pattern drafting, labeling sewing patterns, and discussing fabric options.

    Week 5: Finalize sewing patterns, cutting patterns using intended fabric, and begin sewing.

    Week 6: Finish sewing and final garment construction!

    The Fashion Design Course in Newton will meet once a week on  Saturdays from 10.00AM - 12.00PM. 
    The upcoming session will run Saturdays December 4th-January 22nd. This session won't meet on Dec 25 or Jan 1.

    Each session is $275 and lasts 6-weeks with the *fixed* start date, unfortunately we cannot provide any makeup classes.