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Our Vision

Our vision at Hipstitch is to redefine sewing and crafts as hip, youthful, and fashion forward for today’s creative generation. We hope to get people of all ages back to learning these amazing  arts, so they can see the creative and collaborative potential of crafting. Sewing and other forms of creativity opens up new doors to the world of self-expression — which provides a powerful lifelong skill to pass down for generations to come.

We believe, above all else, that art should be fun for both the students and the teachers. We’ve created a beautiful and fun atmosphere for students of all ages to feel comfortable expressing creativity, meeting new friends, and creating memories.


Meet Our Team

Nicola Day 
Owner & Founder

The eldest of 14 children, Nicola began sewing her own clothes around age 11. As a young adult, Nicola came to the US from Stoke-on-Trent, England, and landed on the island of Nantucket, where she worked in a sewing store and developed a line of purses which she sold in boutiques across the U.S. After settling down in Newton, MA, she has followed her entrepreneurial spirit by opening Hipstitch!

Eva Brazer
Brookline Manager & Content Editor

Eva is an avid crafter who is always on the search for a new medium to explore. She enjoys sharing her passion for art in the adult workshop series at our Brookline studio. Eva specializes in hand stitching techniques. She oversees Hipstitch’s publications, including newsletters, blog posts, and website design. In her free time, Eva enjoys needle felting, sewing, and photography. 

Amy Ng
Newton Manager

Amy is a Pennsylvania native and life-long crafting enthusiast.  Her sewing skills were built over the years with help from her mother, self-tutelage (thanks, internet!), and summer work at an alterations shop. She loves working with kids of all ages, has a degree in education, and even spent two years teaching English to elementary-aged children in Beijing. Amy is currently enrolled at the Boston School of Fashion Design, learning new skills to pass on to the Hipstitch students!

Adeline Thibeault
Assistant Manager & Social Media Director

Addie has a degree in textile design and fiber art. She specializes in screen printing, embroidery techniques, digital surface design and sewing construction. With a passion for sustainable fashion, she strives to create beautiful and environmentally conscious pieces. Addie's goal is to pass along skills and methods, to empower others to pursue sustainable fashion in their own way.

Amanda Wagreich
Wellesley Manager

Amanda attended Lasell University where she received a degree in Fashion Design and Production. Her favorite part of creating is seeing an idea come together from start to finish, and she considers fashion to be “walking art exhibitions of self-expression.”

Kate Ploussios
Creative Consultant

Kate holds a BA in Photography with a minor in Art History and worked in human resources for years. She is an avid crafter, passionate re-creator, and ardent painter. After having her two sons, Kate returned to her artistic roots, teaching and working with children of many ages. Her creative gifts and love for teaching are paramount to everything she does at Hipstitch!

Tanya Kaya
Fashion Specialist

Tanya has been sewing since she was eight years old. She remembers coming to Hipstitch when she was young and fell in love. In her spare time, she enjoys designing and sewing her own clothes and is pursuing a degree in Fashion Design at MassArt. Tanya loves teaching and inspiring young children in the art of sewing.