Creative Mending Workshop - BROOKLINE
Creative Mending Workshop - BROOKLINE

Creative Mending Workshop - BROOKLINE

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This class will introduce you to the basics of creative mending including darning, patching, and stitching techniques. Creative mending not only strives to increase the longevity of our clothing and reduce textile waste, it is also a way to customize your clothing and gives you the tools to display your individuality through fashion. Use these techniques to repair thinning, torn, or stained clothing. 

  • In this workshop you will discuss and see examples of different hand mending techniques.
  • You will learn stitching techniques including basket darning/ needle weaving, and pattern darning. And patching techniques including appliqué and reverse appliqué. 

Friday June 3rd, 5:30-7:30pm

  • Age: 14 yrs of age or older

  • Materials provided (Optional: if you have a specific garment you would like to mend, you are welcome to bring it in. We recommend woven fabrics as opposed to knit fabrics for this course). 

We need at least four sign ups to run our classes. If a class does not receive four sign ups we will notify you and the start date will either be pushed back or you will be refunded.