Meet the Staff

Nicola Day the owner and founder of Hipstitch, is the eldest of 14 children.  She began sewing her own clothes around age 11. As a young adult, Nicola came to the US from Stoke-on-Trent England and landed on the island of Nantucket. There she worked in a sewing store and developed a line of purses which she sold in boutiques across the U.S. After settling down in Newton, MA, she has followed her entrepreneurial spirit by opening Hipstitch!


Amy Ng is a Pennsylvania native and life-long crafting enthusiast.  Her sewing skills were built over the years with help from her mother, self-tutelage (thanks, internet!), and summer work at an alterations shop. She loves working with kids of all ages, has a degree in education, and even spent two years teaching English to elementary-aged children in Beijing. Amy is currently enrolled at the Boston School of Fashion Design, learning new skills to pass on to the Hipstitch students!


Kate Plossious holds a BA in Photography with a minor in Art History, and worked in human resources for years. She is an avid crafter, passionate re-creator, and ardent painter. After having her two sons, Kate returned to her artistic roots, teaching and working with children of many ages. Her creative gifts and love for teaching are paramount to everything she does at Hipstitch! 


Paulina Rozenberg is a fifth-year student at Parsons The New School for Design in NYC studying fashion design and photography. She began working at HipStitch her sophomore year of Newton North High School and fell in love. She is currently studying abroad for a year in Paris, which she hopes will give her a better understanding of the Fashion Industry.She hope to start her own Fashion line when she graduates.


Sam Peloquin has been sewing since she was ten years old. She attended Rhode Island College, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Costume Design. In her spare time, costume-making and designing small projects are her passions and favorite hobbies. Sam creates full costumes for herself and friends active in the Cosplay community. 


Kristyn Stoia was a student at Hipstitch in her younger years, and her love of sewing developed over the years. She is now in her first year at Boston College, and when she's not sewing, Kristyn loves watching Audrey Hepburn movies, swimming and baking. Kristyn's sister, Rachel, is also a Hipstitch employee, and she loves being able to sew alongside her sister.


Rachel Stoia is a senior at Newton North High School. She has enjoyed crafting since she was little, but sewing is by far her favorite! She also enjoys other forms of art like ceramics, photography, music and theater. Rachel took her first sewing lessons at Hipstitch when she was in fourth grade and is excited to be a part of the Hipstitch team.




Tanya Kaya has been sewing since she was eight years old. She remembers coming to Hipstitch when she was young and fell in love. In her spare time she enjoys designing and sewing her own clothes and has aspirations of becoming a fashion designer when she is older. Tanya loves teaching and inspiring young children in the art of sewing.


Maggie Needham is a sophomore at Newton North High School. She has been attending, and then working, at Hipstitch for more than 8 years. Maggie loves working with Hipstitch students and helping them sew projects they're proud of. She also loves sewing, painting, and crafting. 


Kaitlyn Mahn was taught how to sew doll clothes at a young age by her grandmother. She picked up sewing again in high school when she began cosplaying -- creating costumes of characters from her favorite anime, cartoons, and video games. Later on, she became the team leader for the alterations department at Uniqlo on Newbury Street. Kaitlyn also crafts and styles wigs for herself and for commissions.

Kat Ho is a senior at Newton North and has been playing ultimate frisbee for 4 years and captaining for 3. She has worked with people ages 2-96! Kat just started her own YouTube channel and is so excited to be a part of the Hipstitch family.





Rachel Shereda is a junior at Newton North High School and she loves Hipstitch! She learned how to sew at Hipstitch when she was eight years old and has hooked ever since. Rachel also loves to act in plays and do hair and makeup for shows at her school. In her free time she draws, knits, and plays piano and guitar.