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Purchase a Sewing Machine

Did you know we sell sewing machines? We have a stock of unopened sewing machines of the same brand and models that we use in our studio. Perfect for families whose kids have learned and loved to sew with us, and become comfortable using the machines at Hipstitch. A great option also for beginner and experienced home sewists alike! 

Plus, the best part about purchasing a machine from Hipstitch is that it includes a complimentary 1 hour tutorial lesson in our studio, covering important basics like machine maintenance, threading, changing a broken needle, etc. Don't be intimidated! We'll help you get acquainted with your new machine so you feel comfortable experimenting and improving at home!

The sewing machines are priced at $295, with the complimentary 1 hour introductory lesson at our studio. Please email us here with inquiries and to finalize a purchase.


Phone: 617-965-0880