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Unicorn Rainbow Scissors

Unicorn Rainbow Scissors

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The SINGER Forged Embroidery Scissors are the perfect tool for a wide range of sewing projects. As their name suggests, the sharp, fine-tipped blades are designed for snipping embroidery threads, but they are also ideal scissors for any sewing project that requires precision cutting. They can be used to clip cross stitch threads, trim delicate or sheer fabrics, create intricate patterns for quilting, or cut precisely for notching and applique work.
Measuring 4 inches in length, the SINGER Forged Embroidery Scissors have a fine tip for precise cuts and feature high performance forged stainless steel blades. This means they will stay sharp longer for all your precision cutting needs.
The unicorn-shaped design and colorful spectrum finish add a touch of whimsy and make these scissors a unique addition to any sewing kit.