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Cosplay Summer Camp

Behind the Scenes of our Cosplay Summer Camp

Our instructors have been working hard on developing our newest offering, Cosplay Design Camp. Choosing the most iconic design elements from a selection of Studio Ghibli movies, cosplay designer, Cindy Lam, and instructor/ fashion design student, Tanya Kaya are developing patterns to recreate the easily recognizable characters from the most popular Studio Ghibli movies. 

My Neighbor Totoro Cosplay Collection: 

The first step in the design process is creating a croquis–a quick sketch of the ensemble, and determining the fabric selection by pairing fabric swatches. 

Each pattern must be carefully considered so that they challenge our students and teach them new skills but are also achievable for our beginner sewists as well. 

Then our instructors begin to design the patterns for each garment. All of our garments patterns come in three sizes to ensure they are inclusive for all our students, so our instructors must have knowledge of design and proportions to adjust their finished patterns to fit multiple sizes. 

Once the patterns are developed, examples are made to test their level of difficulty and to ensure the fit will be accurate.


Sneak Peak of our Spirited Away Cosplay Collection:  

Even the accessories are carefully drafted by our instructors. Our teachers first create paper patterns before transferring to a more durable pattern material which will withstand frequent use. 


Sneak Peak of our Kiki's Delivery Service Cosplay Collection: 

Each cosplay collection features a mix of machine sewing, hand sewing, and crafted elements. This gives our students the opportunity to learn several different techniques and pushes them to try new things, preparing them for future cosplay projects! 

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