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Sewing Arts for the Brain!


Often I am asked "How is and sewing beneficial for my child?"  The benefits are endless!  It amazes me what the creative mind can do for oneself. 

Unlike art, sewing is often not part of the educational curriculum you see in todays schools.  Sewing teaches concentration and focus, patience, self-confidence, problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.  While challenging left brain thinking, it is also super fun and rewarding.  For some children who may struggle in certain areas of academics, sewing and art can be a form of communication, expression and even therapeutic.

How can I get my little one engaged in the arts or sewing?

This can be tricky as some kids will dive right in given any opportunity while others will procrastinate.  Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Keep a box of supplies on hand.  This can be as simple as paper, markers, tape, glue or as complex as pom-poms, pipe cleaners, yarn and fabrics. 
  • No limits!  Allow them to just create using any of the materials.  Let them come up with their own creations.
  • Prompt.  If they are struggling to get started give prompts.  
  • Jump in with them and create your own.
  • Make a game out of it.  In the studio when we have a little time left at the end of the day we play Simon Says Draw.  This is fun and gets the kids engaged.  "Draw a sky.  Draw a mountain..." and so on until the picture is complete.  When complete it is interesting to see how different their creations will be from one picture to the next.  
  • If kids are sewing let them design their own creation instead of following a pattern.
  • Keep a notebook handy for them to sketch out their own patterns and designs.
  • Create a sewing corner set up somewhere in their room or house equipped with necessary tools.  
Keep their artwork hanging around the house so it is visible.  Talk together about it and what inspired them to sew or paint a particular piece.   
As the arts are dwindle out of the daily classroom its more important than ever to keep it alive in our households.  




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